Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday's News: Deer Hunt in Greenwich Ends

I had thought that an organized deer hunt sponsored by a government or an environmental organization would be a much hotter potato politically and public relations-wise than it has turned out to be. Now though I think the Greenwich (town and Audubon) experience will encourage others to do the same.

The town’s deer hunt ended for the season this week. Greenwich officials announced hired sharpshooters had killed 42 deer at the Pomerance-Montogomery Pinetum Park, 26 at the Griffith E. Harris Memorial Golf Course and 12 at the Babcock Preserve. …

Officials said their next step would be to monitor the deer population and promote hunting on private land as a second step to managing herd size. Lash said officials have not ruled out using sharpshooting in future years.

From the Greenwich Time.

Tom Baptist, of Greenwich Audubon, tells me this about Audubon’s effort:

At Audubon, we shot 25 deer this season (ending January 31, 2005). We are careful not to call this a “success,” since our best measure of success is not how many deer are killed but whether the forest ecology begins to recover. We continue to monitor the presence of ground-nesting birds and certain wildflowers...the pace and extent of their return will enable us to gauge whether the program is successful or not. Each of the deer shot on Audubon land (23 doe and 2 buck) were donated to the Foodbank of Lower Fairfield County. Hours per deer shot was 13.5.


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