Friday, February 11, 2005

LI Sound Funding: Miller Echoes Shays Aide -- We've Gotten the Money Before, We Can Do it Again

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to convince the Long Island Sound Congressional delegation that the Sound program needs to be fully funded, says David Miller, of Audubon New York, echoing Paul Pimentel, in an e-mail to the Long Island Sound Watershed Alliance:

“… since I have been one of the folks lobbying and working with your office every year for the past decade and more to put back funding, I know it can be done. In fact, the pre-2000 days we were increasing it from $477,000 to $2 million for the Office through the legislative process. After the Restoration Act passed in 2000, we were able to get funding as high as $7 million and last year it leveled out at about $6.3 million. Again, none of these achievements were done with help from the executive budget. It was our great Congressional Delegation and all of us working together that made the difference. Audubon and other groups are committed to make this happen again. So, for LISWA members, roll up your sleeves and get those letters going in support of Long Island Sound Funding at least $7 million this year. Our goal is to have it fully funded at $40 million some day as well as having the Long Island Sound Stewardship Act enacted into law.”


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