Friday, February 04, 2005


A fan of Sphere suggested that I link to this site, I’ve clicked around on it a couple of times today and it’s interesting, although I’ve yet to find the one page or paragraph or even sentence that summarizes what exactly it is. Nevertheless, it’s eye-catching and flashy in an “I’m-about-to-get-a-slight-headache” kind of way.

Whatever Greenburbs is, it seems to be concerned with the environment (although I couldn’t find a mention of the Sound or anything that had to do with the natural world); it seems to be the work of someone named Remy Chevalier (who seems to have been associated with Wetlands, the defunct New York nightclub); and it seems to have some connection to the Green Party (which was responsible for Bush being elected in 2000, so thanks for nothing).

However M. Chevalier has an idea for a member-supported environmental library (he’s calling it ELF) to be located probably in South Norwalk that is either completely unrealistic or a great idea, I can’t decide which. But if he can come up with the funding, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The site also has lists of green businesses and environmental groups that are worth knowing about (including a link to, which is an organization that I hadn’t heard of).

Friends of Greenburbs meets every Monday night at 9, at the Tiki Moon Lounge in SoNo, which probably indicates either that the group is of a generation younger than I or that M. Chevalier found himself another to run nightclub after Wetlands.

Sphere has a policy of being inclusive even of people with flashy websites, so check out Greenburbs.


Blogger RemyC said...

I only just found your review... Thanks, I guess. ;o) Nader may have given us Bush... But Anderson gave us Reagan, and Perot gave us Clinton. Anyone with a little Net savvy, will always know to drill down to the root server to get my mission statement.
Be well.

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