Saturday, January 29, 2005

See a Goldfish Swim in LNG and Survive!

Ladies and gentleman and children of all ages, click here to watch incredible, never-before seen feats of daring. See a man drink a glass of water -- and live to tell about it-- after pouring liquefied natural gas into it! See a goldfish swimming in a glass of water into which LNG has been poured! See a cigarette being extinguished in a cup of LNG -- without blowing the place to smithereens!

This, ladies and gentleman, is how Broadwater is seeking to reassure us about the safety of it proposed LNG terminal in Long Island Sound.

At least I think that's how Broadwater is seeking to reassure us. I couldn't open the link on my PowerBook G4, but the Port Times Record, of Port Jefferson, says that John Hrticko of Broadwater says so:

To see how little damage a liquid natural gas (LNG) spill would do to the Long Island Sound, Broadwater Energy project manager John Hritcko says, just log onto

The article is worth reading. Hritcko (quite properly, in my opinion) gets a chance to make his arguments in favor of the floating plant. Those arguments can be boiled down to this: the only people who have any right not to want this plant to be built in the Sound are those who live along the shore and would be able to see it, but the terminal would be so safe and have so many other benefits -- clean energy, payments in lieu of taxes to north shore of LI towns, economic stimulus -- that the concerns of those relatively few should be overlooked.

Meanwhile, the article says that Suffolk County politicians have quickly moved into the "don't just stand there, do something" mode, and are passing resolutions and hiring consultants in hopes of making Broadwater dissipate the way Hritcko says the natural gas itself would dissipate if there were a leak or spill.

And if nothing else, the story makes clear that Broadwater is not taking the public relations battle lightly.

(I was unaware of the article and of the Port Jeff paper until one of the three or four people who read this blog saw it and sent me the link, which should be an inspiration to the rest of you to keep your eyes open and do the same, please.)


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