Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Take the Broadwater Poll

You can participate in an extremely non-scientific Broadwater LNG poll at the Wading River Civic Association's website. As of this morning, 85 percent of those who bothered to take it strongly oppose the LNG terminal in the Sound, 10 percent oppose it, and five percent could care less; no one supports it.

I mention it mainly because I've added the Wading River site to my list of links, below (I'm on their short list of sites to see about the Broadwater issue).

Speaking of Broadwater, I've added their site as well. I'm hoping they'll add me to their links page (maybe my loyal reader at Royal Dutch Shell in the Hague can mention it to the folks in Riverhead).

And finally, I've added several other new blogs and links to this site -- Save the Sound, SoundWaters, Soundkeeper and the Long Island Sound Study among them. More are on the way.


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