Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Regret to Inform You that Trailside is Closing

The staff at Trailside Nature Museum, at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, responded to the news that County Executive Rob Astorino is laying them off and closing Trailside with this email, which I received from someone else today:

It is with great sadness that we inform you that after 74 years of continuous operation Trailside Museum will be closing its doors effective January 1st. This includes a layoff of all museum staff. Built during the Great Depression by the CCC, the Museum has provided countless learning and enjoyment opportunities to Westchester and other area residents. While the Reservation will remain open, the programs and camp run out of the Museum will cease to exist. We apologize to all of you who will be personally affected by this change, and urge you to let your local County legislators know how you feel. For more information on how you can help, please contact us at: (914) 864-7322.

I haven't heard if any of the Friends groups that support the six county nature centers are planning to rally the troops. If anyone knows, email me.

I publish anonymous comments, by the way, but only if they're substantive and avoid attacks on individuals. If you're going to attack someone, I'd like to know who you are.



Blogger David Menken said...

Folks, let's not Astorino get away with this. Let's either attend a public hearing held by the Board of Legislators, or call Astorino's office. It's ridiculous to close a wonderful feature of Westchester County just to take a drop out of the bucket of Westchester's budget. It's funny: as things get tougher, and people need to find cheap things to do, Astorino closes the nature centers and ends bicycle sunday. David Menken.

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