Monday, October 31, 2011

A Thought About Compiling and Reporting Water Quality Data

A fellow who signed in as jerryjjar left a worthwhile comment to my previous post, about water quality testing. The power was out in Pound Ridge and when I sent to click "publish comment" using my tiny Iphone screen, I clicked delete instead and it vanished, except for the version that showed up in my email notifications. My apologies.

So instead of a comment jerryjjar now gets a post to himself. Here's what he said:

... it would be great if sound-wide volunteers could collect water quality readings from local harbors and submit it to a long island sound database. As I learned, however, while attending the HW/RW Water Quality Monitoring Workshop taught by Dick Harris and Pete Fraboni (who are both dedicated, patient scientists) it is not simple or easy to collect good data. We would need guidelines and procedures in place to make the data meaningful.


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