Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fox News Promotes the Myth that Pesticides are Killing the Sound's Lobsters

I never watch Fox News and I don't know who the people are on this news piece about the lobster die-off in Long Island Sound, but I do know that the piece is irrational to the point of being idiotic.

It gives prominent play to lobstermen who think pesticides are responsible for the Sound's lobster die-off. The piece starts with the lobstermen and ends with the lobstermen.

And then in the middle it manages to squeeze in the opinion of someone else. Who? An actual scientist who has studied the problem and is familiar with the actual scientist. Her reality-based scientific opinion gets about one-tenth the space as the lobstermen who blame pesticides and whose reasoning is really nothing than more than, "It is because I say it is."

Silly. Although in truth I think it's harmless except perhaps to the lobstermen who continue to have their delusions enabled by news people who are misinterpreting the situation on purpose.

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