Friday, October 14, 2011

Stamford's Mill River Park

The office of the ophthamologist who is treating my glaucoma and who removed a cataract from my left eye this summer (but not the ophthamologist who fixed my detached retinas) is across the street from the site where Stamford’s Mill River is being restored, and I couldn’t help but noticing through dilated pupils that not much seemed to be happening there over the last year or so.

The Mill River itself has been re-channeled into a more natural stream bed but the rest of the site is covered with wildflowers and surrounded by a chain-link fence. I had wondered when the fence was coming down, and then I read this story in today’s papers, in which Milton Puryear, the head of the non-profit group that is overseeing the restoration, said, "A lot of people have wondered when the fences are coming down.”

So to reassure folks that the project is still alive, they’re bringing in Governor Malloy and Senator Blumenthal for a groundbreaking tomorrow to mark the official start of the next phase. The new park is expected to be open in the spring of 2013.

It’s a great project, and I look forward to strolling through it after an exam.

By the way, I loved this description:

Seeds planted along the riverbanks have sprouted into lush flowers, including a species of yellow daisy-like perennials called Black-eyed Susan.

That was printed in an old-fashioned medium of communication employing paper with ink impressions called a newspaper.



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