Monday, October 03, 2011

Irene Seems to Have Brought a Great Kiskadee to New York

A great kiskadee in New York City? That's what I read in this morning's Hudson River Almanac. Most of the bird rarities I hear about are along the Sound rather than the Hudson, so maybe it's not surprising that I didn't know of this:

9/20 - Bronx, New York City, HRM 14: Philip and Alice Brickner photographed a great kiskadee from their apartment window at Spuyten Duyvil on the Hudson River just north of Manhattan in the West Bronx. This is the second occurrence of this large tropical flycatcher (8.5") along the Hudson. The previous sighting was 8/31 at 46th Street near the Intrepid Museum on Manhattan's west side, about nine miles south.
- Angus Wilson

[The great kiskadee is most commonly found in tropical and semi-tropical forest settings from Central America into South America. They are occasionally found along the Gulf States of the U.S. with very rare strays into the Mid-Atlantic. For some context on their preferred habitat, the only great kiskadees I have ever seen were in the Amazon rainforest of eastern Ecuador. Tom Lake.]

If it was sighted on August 31 and then again on September 20, it probably traveled up on Hurricane Irene. At least that's my guess.


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