Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As I Suggested, Asian Shore Crabs Are Now On the Menu

Bun Lai, the chef at Miya's Sushi in New Haven, is serving Asian Shore Crabs, an invasive species that have become abundant in Long Island Sound and other nearby waters:

The dish “kanibaba”— made with Asian shore and Dungeness crabs and spinach, rolled up tightly in potato skin, infused with Asian shore crab stock, and topped with toasted havarti cheese and lemon dill sauce — is now one of the most popular items at Lai’s restaurant, Miya’s, in downtown New Haven. “We run out of them at this point,” he says. “We go out and get thousands of them, and we sell thousands of them every week or so.” Kanibaba has become the signature dish of his “Invasive Species Menu,” a chapter in Miya’s 60-page menu that reads like a manifesto on sustainability, spirituality, and the creative process.

I'd like to point out, with all due modesty, that I had unusual foresight, culinarily-speaking, when I suggested cooking them back in 2005 (here).

Next time I'm in New Haven, I'll stop in for lunch. This is actually a fascinating story, I came upon it on Stumbleupon.com. Read it here.



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