Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rabies Shots

Day after day the subject that brings most readers to my blog is rabies.

It’s amazing, and I think it says something interesting about people’s interests, what they use the web for and what kind of information is available on the web:

In 2006, Gina and I woke up to find a bat in our room. We went through the procedure of figuring out whether we should get rabies shots, and then we got them.

I wrote about it twice, here and here, trying to be both amusing and informative.

Five-plus years later, searches such as, “where do people get the rabies shot” or “rabies needle vaccine human” are by far the most common searches that bring people to this blog.

I guess what it means is that 1) a lot of people are concerned and 2) there is not a lot of good information out there about what to do.

So let me say it more simply:

We decided to get the shots.

It is highly unlikely that a doctor or nurse or public health official will tell you that you do not need rabies shots. It’s easier to be safe than sorry.

The reason it’s easier to be safe is that rabies shots are no big deal, at all. They do not hurt even slightly -- nothing more than a tetanus shot. The only bothersome thing is that you have to go back over several weeks to keep getting them. But once you get the immunoglobulin shots in the butt (I needed four, Gina needed two, and they really weren’t painful at all), the booster shots themselves are quick and easy, in the upper arm.

So there you go. Now my readership will no doubt double again.

Make sure you consult your doctor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. I just got the shots after wondering about it for a while, and your blog was very helpful.

7:41 PM  

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