Friday, September 09, 2011

Ospreys and SoundVision

People at Tuesday's Long Island SoundVision press conference, at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, were excited to see three ospreys using the harbor as a fishing ground. A few dozen of us were inside and on a porch with great views of the rainy seascape as the ospreys flew past, hovered, and then plunged into the water, sometimes emerging with a fish, sometimes not.

One of the SoundVision goals is "Creating Safe and Thriving Places for All Sound Creatures." We've managed to do that for ospreys and we did it simply by banning DDT.

Tom Baptist, the head of Audubon Connecticut, was there Tuesday and reminded me that historically there were an estimated 500 osprey nests along the Sound. When he and Joe Zeranski were researching their book, Connecticut Birds, in the 1980s, there were only five osprey nests.

He told me on Tuesday that while he has counted them lately, he thinks that now there might be more than 500. Every one is a reason for small optimism.

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Anonymous Robert said...

I spend a fair amount of time around the West Basin of Mamaroneck Harbor. Last Sunday I watched an Osprey dive, catch a small fish and alight on the mast of a sail boat to feed. I have never before witnessed an Osprey fishing in Mamaroneck Harbor.

2:11 PM  

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