Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Two Things That Struck Me as Odd

I emailed the editor/publisher of the Greenwich Roundup Blog, telling him that I would be attending yesterday's Long Island SoundVision event and asking if I might submit a blog post to him afterwards. He responded saying, essentially, sure. Then he published my email query and his response, here. Can't say I've ever seen anyone do that before, but what the heck.

And out in New Haven, the folks from Schooner Inc. are holding a fundraiser soon. After my book, This Fine Piece of Water, came out, I participated in a fundraiser for them, on a damp Friday night in East Haven. It was fun and I was happy to do it. Here's what the invitation to this year's fundraiser said:

We invite community members to attend this passport event to share cocktails and light hors d'ouevres with others interested in preserving, protecting, and enjoying this 'Fine Piece of Water' we share in Long Island Sound. Interactive displays of Schooner's programs will bring Long Island Sound alive for our guests and the City of New Haven will share its latest plans for the Canal Dock site.

Did you get that? Enjoying this "Fine Piece of Water" we share. Either they'll be reading aloud from my book of the title has become a generic phrase for the Sound. Of course I stole it from Timothy Dwight, who used the phrase in his "Travels Through New England and New York," and you can't copyright a title. I wish Schooner well. Here's the link to their event page, if you're interested in attending.


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