Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Graphs Show How Turbidity and Water Flow Spiked in the Connecticut River

As we drove to and from Providence on Saturday, we tried to see how discolored the Connecticut River still was, from Hurricane Irene's runoff. It was hard to tell from the I 95 bridge.

Then yesterday someone sent me a link to a U.S. Geological Survey site that has a graph showing turbidity in the Connecticut, at Essex, from mid August til now.

Click here and then scroll to see it. The spike in turbidity after Irene is amazing. But it also shows that the river is clearing up, not surprisingly.

And the graphs on this page show how the water flow spiked twice, after Irene and then after the tropical storm that followed Irene. If nothing else, these graphs show you that the Connecticut is a big river.


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