Monday, April 26, 2010

Damage from the Big Rainstorm

The huge rainstorm of several weeks ago did plenty of damage to the Long Island Sound oyster industry by flooding sewage treatment plants and washing bacteria off streets and storm sewers into the Sound and its harbors. The New London Day had a good story about it a while back and the Yale Daily News writes about it today. Things were so bad that Norm Bloom and Son, based in Norwalk, had to lay off half its workers (presumably temporarily).

On the Thames River, the storm gave oceanographers an inadvertent lesson in ocean currents. The storm damaged a sewage treatment plant and wiped out a piece of equipment that included a million or so small plastic disks. A couple of weeks ago they began showing up on beaches, including on the west side of Block Island, 27 miles away. According to the Block Island Times:

They also made landfall in Stonington, Conn., and Misquamicut. Strangely, says Schneider, there have been no reports from Fisher’s Island, while they have showed up west of Groton in Niantic, Conn.


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What a fascinating blog you have! I have read a good number of your entries, just thought you would be pleased to know you have a happy visitor. I am located on the west coast near Newport, OR and we have a very nice Bay with a fishing harbor. I know how delicate the ecosystems are in the bays, I hope things clear up there very soon, my heart goes out to the fishrmans and oyster farmers.
Best wishes from Mrs. Slug

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