Friday, April 02, 2010

Plum Island: What If It's Contaminated With the Really Bad Stuff that Its Signs Warned About?

Sam, whose natural habitat 25-30 years ago was Long Island Sound and who now lives on South Padre Island, Texas, left this comment about the sale of Plum Island, which I thought was interesting enough to use as a post:

When I was a kid, we sailed by that island many a time, and it is quite large, and the signs all said DANGER ANTHRAX and some prohibition from getting closer. Since the WWII days, that was anthrax city. it made us nervous because if our little sailboat or motorboat crapped out and we washed ashore, we'd have to be arrested and decontaminated by federal agents. No, never did that and thank God.

Anthrax is a soil-borne disease that is usually or always in the soil in certain areas, even your backyard. Livestock such as cattle, sheep, and goats can get it because they breathe a lot of dirt when grazing. It's rare but at one time, it was a strategic weapon for the USA - anthrax bombs.

So I am dubious about this whole deal, and would rather they turned Plum Island into a park where it still looked like 1975, and I even think they have WWII submarine lookout towers from the 1940s.

To think that this is a big land grab by some money-grubbing investors and politicians makes me sick to my stomach.

I sort of wonder why, if it were unsuitable for residential development, it would be suitable for a public recreation area, even a passive one. Anyone else want to chime in?



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