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Plum Island: What If It's Contaminated, continued

At least one reader is extremely skeptical of Sam's observation. Here's what he emailed me:

If anthrax was being tested on Plum Island in WWII or the Cold War, it would have been highly secretive. There would not have been DANGER ANTHRAX signs, anymore than the Manhattan Project would have had signs posted saying
ATOMIC BOMB LAB. The story doesn't add up.

Most of the anthrax links to Plum Island are from the novel PLUM ISLAND and one of the Hannibal Lecter movies. "Anthrax Island".

That doesn't mean anthrax was not used, but I don't buy the story that its use was once common local knowledge....

There have been DANGER KEEP OUT signs for decades, but there has also been a lot of rumor and speculation.



Blogger Sam said...

Funny I was born at Oak Ridge, Tennessee where they did have the nuke, and one time we nearly washed up on Plum Island for lack of wind or gasoline in our sailboat - which is very dangerous out by The Race.

Now I remember my dad being quite distressed about this and a chase boat came out and yes I could barely see the NO TRESPASSING signs on the beach, although the looming rocks were what we feared the most. Hey that was over 40 years ago, and could I see exactly what the various signs said? Probably not. Cows yes, the exact writing on the sign, no.

So you're right.

But there was never any doubt that anthrax was what they were fooling with on Plum Island, and I think I can document that very well. If you didn't know that you weren't local, that's for sure. Why would they have all those freaking cows, anyway? To a country boy in the late 1960s it made perfect sense.

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