Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still Good

From the Connecticut DEP, which was out on Long Island Sound collecting water quality data on July 7 through 9:

Thirty-six stations were sampled. Bottom water dissolved oxygen concentrations fell below 4.8 mg/L at four stations, although none fell below 3.5 mg/L. This is an improvement over last year when 10 stations were below 4.8 mg/L and three of those stations were below 3.5 mg/L. The lowest concentration was observed at Station A4 (3.83 mg/L). The area of bottom water with DO concentrations less than 4.8 mg/L is 50.7 square miles (131.2 km2).

So things are good compared to last year. The DEP followed this with a word of caution though:

The next survey (HYJUL09) is scheduled for 20- 23 July. Concentrations will likely decline below 3.5 mg/L with the far west stations becoming hypoxic.



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