Thursday, July 02, 2009

They Still There?

Where are all the dolphins? Nothing in the news anymore and nothing new even on Twitter. Or has our attention shifted.


Blogger Sam said...

I dunno Tom, although it's good to see you posting again. Going to BI again this year?

Ocean dolphins tend to migrate and follow the bait, which can move about very quickly. Swimming and grazing at 8 MPH they can clear an easy hundred miles a day. The fishermen report more dolphin in the Gulf of Mexico than usual.

By the way, out bay dolphins, a slightly different sub-species that are whiter and smaller, are doing great this year, which at least six new babies! One died, poor thing, but the rest seem fine.

Sam Wells reporting from South Texas

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Thanks, Sam. Nice to be posting again, although there's so little out there to post about. I've always looked to the newspapers for my material, and there's not much coverage of the Sound these days. I'll keep looking for quick hits, though.

And yes, BI is in our plans. I'll be out at Andy's Way with the clam rake in August.

7:39 AM  
Blogger matthew houskeeper said...

I haven't heard anything either.
With good weather and a holiday weekend, it seems that if they were around, it would be posted somewhere.

Good to see you back.

7:09 AM  

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