Friday, July 03, 2009

Good So Far

Water quality in Long Island Sound as measured by dissolved oxygen concentrations is surprisingly good. The Connecticut DEP's first water quality survey of the season, on June 23, showed that dissolved oxygen was above 5 milligrams per liter everywhere, which is unusual, although not unprecedented. Here's what the report said:

Dissolved oxygen concentrations were all above 5 mg/L with the lowest concentration observed at Station C1 (5.12 mg/L). During the 2008 survey, DO levels were below 5 mg/L at seven stations; in 2007 survey concentrations were still above 5 mg/L during the HYJUN07 survey. The 2006 survey found concentrations below 5 mg/L at two stations. Water temperatures continue to rise; the maximum surface temperature was 18.57ºC (65.4ºF) and the maximum bottom temperature was 18.2ºC (64.8ºF).

My guess is that while water temperatures are rising, they were cooler than usual for June, which helped keep DO's high. The next water quality survey is next week. Historical data are here.


Blogger Sam said...

You might try "SST Anomaly" meaning sea surface temperature as compared to a 30 year rolling average.

What I'm looking at is some cold (blue) slope water inshore of New England. Curiously, it is surrounded by a red zone of very warm waters off the continental shelf.

I think the cooler slope water can be explained by the very cool atmosphere that persisted through June.

I wish I had a prediction, and only hope that late July and August are kind to the Long Island Sound ... well, except that swimming in 68 degree water is FREEZING COLD!

3:49 PM  

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