Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Happened on the Broadwater Issue in Albany Yesterday?

Here’s today’s question: What did Governor Spitzer tell Adrienne Esposito when they met to discuss Broadwater in Albany yesterday?

Adrienne, the head of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, got the meeting after learning and expressing her unhappiness about a meeting the governor held with Broadwater executives – which, not coincidentally, Adrienne says, was followed by the start of a big Broadwater PR campaign and a decision by the New York Department of State to forego issuing its denial of Broadwater’s request in favor of delaying the decision by 60 days.

And here’s today’s idiocy, courtesy of Broadwater flack/lobbyist Gary Hale, from a Newsday story about how Connecticut is working to persuade Spitzer to say no to Broadwater:

"It sounds to me like they intend to use taxpayer money to make absolutely sure that we continue to have the highest energy rates in the nation," Hale said.

Right. And it sounds to me – and everyone else – that two big corporations, Shell and TransCanada, want to use a publicly-owned resource (Long Island Sound) to increase their already obscene corporate profits. As a former Connecticut resident, I can say that spending taxpayer money to stop Broadwater is a good use of state funds. I wish New York was doing the same.

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Anonymous Bryan said...

Neither side suffers from lack of over-blown rhetoric, but Gary Hale wins the prize.

9:24 PM  

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