Friday, February 08, 2008

So What Gives? There's Word That New York State Was Ready to Reject Broadwater Before Asking to Extend the Deadline for a Decision

For those following Broadwater, I call your attention to a comment by reporter-editor Denise Civiletti in the previous post (it's here for those disinclined to scroll) saying that a source has told her the Department of State has written its decision rejecting Broadwater's request for a coastal zone consistency permit but is not issuing it; instead it asked for a 60-day extension of the deadline to issue it:

... the DOS has already made its decision. It's already been written, and it's not what the big energy companies want. I've got that on excellent authority.

She told me in a subsequent email that her source is "iron-clad" and that she didn't report it yesterday (here) because she just learned it this afternoon.

I have no doubt this is true. But why would the state put out a statement yesterday saying it had requested the 60-day deadline extension? If they had made a decision in time for the deadline, why would they not simply issue it?



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