Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Connecticut Wins Islander East Lawsuit Again in Federal Court

Connecticut won a favorable ruling in federal court today in an appeal of a natural gas decision -- not Broadwater but Islander East (here's the news and here's some background).

Is that good news? Island East divides enviros in Connecticut, who think it's a bad idea, from those on Long Island, who think it's an easy way to get natural gas. All those enviros, of course, are allies in the fight against Broadwater's plan to put a LNG terminal in the middle of the Sound.

Personally I can't say if the court decision is good or bad, or even surprising. What I might say, if I knew more, is that it might be ominous for Broadwater if that decision ends up in federal court. I'd ask the lawyers who read this if they agree, but I don't think any lawyers read this.



Anonymous Bryan said...

I hope Leah Schmalz speaks up. I also would hope to see CFE and CCE sit down and come up with mutually-agreeable strategy for dealing with pipelines and cables across LIS. It doesn't make sense to me that CFE would fight Islander East and Cross-Sound, while CCE and other LI-based groups apparently sit on their hands (or discretely support the projects). If pipelines and cables are bad for LIS, then both groups should be working together to fight future projects.

If it's a matter of proper siting and not an absolute policy against pipelines (as Gina McCarthy claims with Islander East), then both groups could work together to get the pipeline company to reroute the pipeline to reduce the impacts to the local wetlands in CT.

12:29 PM  

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