Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lobbying Governor Spitzer on Broadwater

The enviros who went to Albany yesterday to lobby against the Broadwater LNG proposal didn't meet with Spitzer but they did encounter him nonetheless and apparently left Albany pleased with what transpired. Emmett Pepper, whoworks for Citizens Campaign for the Environment, sent me this:

We weren't *given* an audience with the Governor, but we (Anti-Broadwater Coalition) did get one with him. He was at the dairy industry event near our press conference in the LOB [Legislative Office Building] and when his event was over, we went down and got into the mob of reporters that appears to follow him around. We were able to land two questions. One from Dick Amper of the Long Island Pine Barrens Soc. and one from Bill Cooke of CCE. Neither offered any surprises. The quote you had [here, in yesterday's post] was actually in response to Amper's question or it could have been a follow-up from someone else.

On a side note, we chanted, "Governor Spitzer, We need your help, Say No To Broadwater" (or something similar) during a quiet spot in the other event and he apparently heard us, since he made mention of it when responding to Bill Cooke.

It was one of the more fun lobby days I've had in Albany, to be sure.

Here's today's Newsday story. You'll note from reading the first sentence that the reporter apparently thinks Broadwater's LNG terminal already exists.

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