Thursday, April 26, 2007

A New Survey Says People Don't Realize that Sewage Pollutes the Sound

EPA's Long Island Sound office has surveyed people who live near Long Island Sound, asking them a bunch of questions about their knowledge of and attitudes toward the Sound and the environment in general.

It's long and I haven't gotten through it all yet, but it's an eye-opener, and is worth a look. The most amazing thing I've found in it so far: most people who live near the Sound don't realize that sewage and runoff are the major sources of pollution in the Sound.

You can find a link to the study here. The only newspaper that seems to have written about it today is the Courant; David Funkhouser's story is here.



Anonymous David Funkhouser said...

Tom -- Just as a PS to your more detailed report on the survey, I found one other result kind of interesting (the huge margin of error in Bronx/Queens notwithstanding): That a lot of people in that region did not even know how far they lived from the Sound. That must be some sort of vague measure of how we live our lives.

Since you track news about the Sound, I also wanted to note that you might be interested in the story about the possible impact of global warming on the Sound that ran in the Courant Sunday. I suspect there is not much new to you in there, but your constant attention to the Sound is something of an inspiration to some of the reporting I do.

12:34 PM  

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