Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Full Funding for Clean Water in Connecticut Is Closer but It's Not a Reality Yet

Most of the press continues to ignore the goings-on in Hartford over the Clean Water Fund (in fact the media have pretty much ignored it since the beginning, which is one of the reasons the politicians were able to get away with not putting nearly enough money into the fund), but Bob Miller at the Danbury News Times is an exception.
He filed a brief yesterday about an Assembly committee vote to put $220 million into the fund, and today he has a fuller account, here.
As Leah Schmalz of Save the Sound and Kachina Walsh-Weaver of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities point out, final funding is far from certain. The General Assembly has to approve it still, which means the legislators have to be made aware that voters will be taking notes for future reference if they don't.



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