Tuesday, April 24, 2007

After Years of Neglect, Connecticut Moves Closer To Doing the Right Thing for Long Island Sound

An important legislative committee in Hartford wants the state of Connecticut to increase Governor Jodi Rell's proposal for the Clean Water Fund to $220 million over the next two years; Rell asked for $140 million, which was judged good but not quite good enough after year's of putting anything but a pittance into the fund.

The committee's decision has to go to the General Assembly for approval. The Danbury News Times has a brief story about it, here. The money, of course, would go toward fixing sewage plants and other infrastructure throughout the state, including the sewage plants that empty into Long Island Sound, which I wrote about here and lots of other places.



Blogger Sam said...

Gosh, 140 million isn't enough and 220 million ain't enough but I'd be glad to take any of it it, Tom. When I first left CT for Texas I recall that Connecticut had defaulted on its budget for two years running. Money like that was scarce as chicken's teeth, so you are somewhat blessed now. Get ya a good advisory board and an independent auditor and make it work fast as possible, and then say what ya need next burget cycle. Sounds groovy to me. /sammie

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