Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Long Island Sound Stewardship

The Long Island Sound Stewardship Act has passed both houses and apparently is waiting for the President to sign it. Here’s a summary of the program and here’s a list of the stewardship sites. The Journal News today has a summary of what the new law would mean:

With the Long Island Sound Stewardship Initiative, Congress authorized itself to spend up to $25 million a year for five years, although the amount actually given is likely to be far lower.

… The stewardship funds that do materialize are meant for projects "where the land meets the sea," Miller said. It would include projects that increase public access to the Sound, such as the purchase of new parkland and the creation of ecological sanctuaries. It could, for instance, include projects like clearing away invasive vines, work that the county is undertaking at Edith G. Read Nature Sanctuary in Rye, Caccese said.


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