Monday, October 02, 2006

$9 Million More For The Cleanup Of Davids Island

The conversion of Davids Island, off New Rochelle, from an abandoned U.S. Army base to a park got a big boost on Friday when Congresswoman Nita Lowey announced that she has secured an additional $9 million, to add on to the previous $9.1 million, to clean up the island.

For decades until the early 1960s, Davids Island was the site of Fort Slocum, an Army base. The Army sold it to New Rochelle for $1, and ever since there have been a number of proposals to develop it, some with the New Rochelle city government’s support and assistance, some not, including a nuclear power plant and (in various permutations) luxury housing.

Westchester County wants to buy it and turn it into a park, but the island is a mess, and a massive (an obviously quite expensive) cleanup needs to come first.

If you're not sure where it is, you can find Davids Island here.


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