Friday, September 29, 2006

New Agreements and Resolutions from the People Overseeing the Sound Cleanup

The policy committee of the Long Island Sound Study – that is, the four people who make the big decisions based on the work of the management committee, which makes the not-so-big decisions based on the work of the staff – met in Rye yesterday to approve the sites that are part of the Sound Stewardship program and to review the standards for nitrogen removal and dissolved oxygen levels.

The meeting and subsequent press conference were at the Jay Heritage Center, a beautiful place that I love to visit, but I was unable to get down there and, even though the meeting and the decisions are something I should spend more time on, I’m busy at work and have nothing in particular to add to what’s already been written, for example:

The LISS documents and statements, which are here and here.

And newspaper reports, which are here, here and here.


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