Monday, August 21, 2006

Providence Journal Has the First Photo of the Manatee

A fellow in Rhode Island managed to get a picture of the manatee yesterday in one of Narragansett's bays. The Providence Journal put it online, here.

No one got a shot of the manatee that had been in the Hudson, so if this is the same animal, it's the first look we've gotten.


Blogger Sam said...

One thing they want is fresh water. In Florida they discourage folks from giving them freshwater because there are so many springs around, and they don't want the manatee dependent on marina and backyard water hoses. In the salty, more polluted waters up north the poor thing is probably looking for a man or woman with a good water hose.

I am serious about this.

I'm starting to get worried about the dude. Hopefully he or she can find some freshwater and lots of eel grass to pack up energy for the trip south ... and actually do it. /sam

11:49 PM  

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