Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lobster Boats On Rescue Missions

A lobster boat in Norwalk headed out early yesterday morning and, before it could haul a trap, came upon a man who had fallen off his boat the night before and then, after climbing onto a buoy, lashed himself to it with his belt so he wouldn’t fall off.

The lobstermen – Gary Olewnik and Cliff Shannon – rescued the man, 58-year-old Thomas Brown of Norwalk, who was rather nonchalant about the episode, at least from what I infer from the Stamford Advocate story:

After the lobstermen dropped him off at the South Norwalk Boat Club, Brown walked home and took a shower.

Last week in Narragansett Bay a lobster boat from Warren, Rhode Island, rescued a man who went into the bay at midnight because “the Lord told him to swim with the dolphins.” The fellow swam for more than five hours before the lobster boat came along.

Two unfortunate men rescued by lobster boats. I guess that’s an indication that the lobster population hasn’t plummeted as low as has been reported.


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