Friday, June 16, 2006

Where are the Fish? Right Here

There are a lot of fish in Long Island Sound and the fishing magazines and columnists do an amazing job of reporting where they are. To a non-fisherman like me, the reports are a terrific window into the stuff going on under the surface:

As of yesterday the squid moved back onto the reefs (the Watch Hill/Fishers Island Reef Complex) so Sugar Reef and Catumb Rock turned back on Tuesday. Kevin himself said that he also saw some concentrations of squid off Fishers Island recently.

A 43-pound bass that was 51.5 inches was taken on a live bunker Saturday somewhere in the Noank area

Nick Massaro of Fisherman's World in Norwalk said that Jose Zecura caught a 40-inch striper at Penfield Reef using a bunker chunk, and that Eric Louvis hit the big time with his catch of a 39.6-pound bass that was taken on a bunker chunk at Norwalk Island.

Sandy Pardes, of the Connecticut Fishing Reports blog, reproduces the accounts verbatim (which is between her, her conscience and the copyright laws, I guess) here. They are masterpieces of straightforward reporting.


Blogger sandy said...

To help my conscience I link to and credit the original writers and publishers and keep the site ad-free. I created the blog for myself so I could keep track of local fishing conditions. I'm glad other folks find it useful too.

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