Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Donate Money So the Soundkeeper Can Buy New Pump-Out Boats

Terry Backer is trying to raise money to replace the Soundkeeper’s fleet of three pump-out boats, at about $78,000 each. That's a lot, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is willing to put in $3 for every $1 Soundkeeper raises. So Soundkeeper’s goal is to bring in $18,550 per boat.

So if you know someone with a boat in western Long Island Sound (or someone who likes to swim or catch shellfish), pass this on. It’s a truly good thing: the Soundkeeper’s pump-out boats cruise from Westport to New Rochelle and cart away sewage from recreational vessels whose owners might otherwise be tempted to empty the heads into the Sound. And it's free. Terry says they sent out 57,000 gallons of sewage for treatment last year, which means 57,000 gallons weren't dumped in swimming areas and shellfish beds. The new boat will have bigger tanks -- 450 gallons, as opposed to 300 -- so they will be more efficient.

There’s information about the program here; and if you click on the “membership” link, you can make a donation.


Anonymous Brian Woods said...

thanks for letting us know. I use this handy service a few times each summer. I have to wonder, however, why they need new boats. Is there really the demand for bigger tanks? Just curious.

7:55 AM  

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