Tuesday, November 01, 2005

For the Sake of the Sound, Say No to Pombo

What exactly is the Long Island Sound Stewardship Program and why is it important? A political activist and blogger (Say No to Pombo) in California who is working to unseat the radical conservative Congressman Richard Pombo asked that question yesterday in the comments to this post.

Since getting Pombo out of the House of Representatives seems like a good idea to me too, I’m posting this excerpt from the Long Island Sound Program’s stewardship webpage:

The Stewardship Initiative is a partnership formed by the Long Island Sound Study to identify places with significant ecological or recreational value throughout the Sound and develop a strategy to protect and enhance these special places.

The goals of the Stewardship Initiative are to:
Preserve representative examples of native plant and animal communities;
Protect rare, threatened, and endangered plants and animals in their natural habitats;
Preserve unique habitat types of the Sound;
Preserve sites that are important for long-term scientific research and education;
Improve recreation and public access opportunities around the Sound;
Enhance public awareness, visibility, and support for the Sound; and
Strengthen citizens’ personal connections to and identification with the Sound.

... The LIS Stewardship Initiative is a collaborative effort among a wide range of public and private partners. These voluntary partnerships will help protect and improve stewardship at sites important for maintaining the long-term ecological health and public enjoyment of the Sound, while building public visibility and support for the Sound. Another benefit of the LIS Stewardship Initiative is that the data gathered through the comprehensive inventory are an information resource for landowners, government agencies, land trusts, and others interested in restoring and protecting the Sound. This information, coupled with the list of priority sites, can help focus agencies and groups on where to direct limited resources and can assist in the establishment of stewardship priorities.


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