Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Norwalk Starts Filtering Contaminated Stormwater

Norwalk’s experiment with a filter than removes pollutants from stormwater – dubbed the Smart Sponge – began yesterday. The amount of contaminants that reach Long Island Sound is so great the heavy rains automatically force officials to shut down shellfishing beds and some beaches. Norwalk of course has hundreds of acres of oyster beds, and it’s possible that if the filters work, the beds will be able to stay open more often (although I hasten to add that health officials are exceedingly cautious about keeping oysters safe). The Stamford Advocate has a story today, and here’s what I wrote back in July.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To date those "worthy" smart sponge filters have been proven to be able to reduce the amount of contaminants and pollutants from hitting the sound. About 6 TONS to be exact are the latest test results that are going to be released and made public within days. Not to mention that the filters have performed flawlessly in cold weather climate. 6 Tons in only 265 drains. Can you imagine how much the filters could remove if installed in every storm drain? I think the numbers would be staggering and shocking to say the least.

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