Monday, October 31, 2005

The Old Days on Davids Island

With Davids Island in New Rochelle on its way to becoming a Westchester County park, people who lived there when it was Fort Slocum are waxing nostalgic. Read this story, in the Journal News, and you get an idea of what a different world the Long Island Sound area was, even within the memories of lots of people who are still around. A fellow who lived there has a website devoted to the old days.


Anonymous Tito Rosario said...

There's planning in progress for a Fort Slocum reunion for this September 2006. If interested send name and a mailing address or email address to me.

The Tentative plan is an island visit on Friday, Sept. 15 (pending Corps of Engineers approval, cooperation), probably a dinner that night, and informal stuff on Saturday.

Link to Blog:


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