Monday, June 06, 2005

Audubon and the Sound

Long Island Sound has become a key issue not just for Audubon's chapters in New York and Connecticut but for the national organization as well. Here's the goal, from Audubon's Sound case statement, which it just put on line:

Audubon's Long Island Sound Campaign addresses the fundamental challenges of water quality restoration and habitat protection - - two key areas where improvements will result in the most significant benefits to people, birds, marine organisms, and other wildlife. The Audubon partnership will bring needed resources to help restore marshes, beaches and islands, and improve water quality. The Campaign will further focus on protecting critical habitat for Piping Plovers, Roseate Terns, Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows, waterfowl, and other priority species, to re-create the Sound as it once was - a critical breeding, migratory, and wintering habitat on the Atlantic flyway.

Obviously the point is to support the water quality and habitat restoration goals of the Long Island Sound Study.

Much of the new Sound program will come out of the Audubon Connecticut office. Audubon New York was critical in building support for the start of the Sound cleanup 15 years ago, and the grassroots network that it built was essential. Let's hope Audubon can revive it.


Anonymous David Miller said...


Thank you for promoting Audubon's Long Island Sound campaign. As a leader in the restoration of the Sound for more than 15 years, now it is more critical than ever to continue the fine conservation work needed for this great estuary. In addition to fighting for federal legisaltion for the Sound, the Long Island Sound Stewardship Act and reauthorization of the LIS Restoration Act, specific habitats are need of protection. Audubon New York just published its second edition Important Bird Area book which has numerous sites along the Sound critical for birds. You can order the book at Audubon Connecticut has established its IBA program and also has critical Long Island Sound IBAs.
Needless to say, Audubon New York has a major role in Audubon's Long Island Sound campaign and has staff and activities dedicated to the campaign's objectives.
We again thank you for promoting our efforts and will continued our tradition of organizing grassroots support for the Sound, while at the same time promoting important scientific information on issues facing the Sound, coordinating meeting with decision-makers and expanding our educational outreach through our network of Centers and established educational programs.

David Miller
Executive Director and Vice President
Audubon New York

11:11 AM  

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