Thursday, June 02, 2005

My Missed Opportunity to Possibly Learn Who Deep Throat Was

About 16 or 17 years ago I was sitting in the upper deck of Shea Stadium, out in right field, watching a Mets game. They were playing either the Dodgers or the Astros – I can’t remember. My cousin (and friend) Rob and I had seats that were two or three rows above the aisle that runs from the right field corner to the left field corner. I was working as a reporter at the time in New Rochelle and he was a college journalism professor and former reporter.

In between innings I saw someone walking in our direction along the aisle.

“Hey, there’s Carl Bernstein,” I said.

“You’re right, it’s Carl Bernstein.”

He walked past.

“Hi, Carl.”

He smiled and nodded. We grinned at each other and watched him disappear into the right field corner. We looked at each other is disbelief.

“Oh man! We should have asked him who Deep Throat was!”

“What idiots!”


Anonymous Robert Funicello said...

In June 1977, when I was still young and unmarried, I traveled to Europe on vacation. Late in the trip, I spent a few days in Venice. One morning I was looking for a place to have coffee with a good view of passersby in Piazzo San Marco, about which Morris's, The World of Venice, says "the great Piazza of St. Mark's is at its very best on a hot day early in summer, when visitors from the four corners of the earth are inspecting its marvels, and Venice is one great itchy palm." As I scanned the plaza I looked into the face of a young man with long hair walking towards me and realised it was Carl Bernstein, still well known just a few years after Nixon's resignation. I smiled a smile of recognition at Carl, he smiled a smile of acknowedgement back at me and as he walked by I said "nice work" or something like that. He didn't reply verbally but he smiled "thank you".

Not being a journalist I had no thought to ask him anything. But if I had my question would have been "How's Nora?"

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