Friday, March 22, 2013

Blocking Roads to Stop Development

One way to stop development that will ruin natural areas is to stop the building of roads. The Times has an obituary today of Maurice Barbash, a real estate developer who successfully fought a plan by Robert Moses to build a highway along Fire Island in the early 1960s. Other successful examples I know of: The Richmond Parkway, on Staten Island, and the highway across lower Manhattan that galvanized Jane Jacobs, both of which were Moses’ ideas; the Rye-Oyster Bay Bridge (also Moses), and Route 117 from Mount Pleasant to northern Westchester, which, if I remember correctly, the Rockefellers were in favor of (the halting of that project explains why Route 172 is a four-lane, divided highway near Pocantico Hills, from Route 9 to Route 9A but no further).


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