Friday, July 24, 2009

Killing Bluefish for Fun and Profit

Radio station and car dealership offer big financial incentive to kill animals that live in Long Island Sound.


Blogger Sam said...

I don't have a problem with tournaments as long as all the fish is eaten and put to good use, although I certainly promote the idea and Catch 'n' Release.

The problem with "meat fishing tournaments" is that so much fish are killed to be weighed, and often left abandoned. Shark tournaments are the worst, since most species are practically inedible. I am surprised they are allowed much anymore, as pelagic shark like off Montauk are becoming quite depleted.

The problem is, the larger fish that get the prizes at the weight station on the dock have the highest concentrations of mercury and other toxins. Smallish to medium sized ones are much better on the table, such as roasted or smoked New England style.

I guess I have lost my taste for all fishing tournaments. Being able to release a marlin, shark, or other big fish and keeping it alive is really a blast if you can afford it. We even tag some if we have the fisheries tags. I've known grown men to cry if their fish dies from the fight.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Inedible is really most a matter of preparation for both taste and toxins. If proper arrangements were made exotic restaurants would use all the fish caught. However, most home chefs prefer fish that are quick and easy prepared without danger to health or spoiled dinner.

But you are right. Generally the sole reason for large predator fish tournaments is as a planned kill semi-extinction hopes of favoring other more commonly enjoyed commercial and sports fish.

But looking at natural extinction over periods in excess of a few million years, I have no problems with this practice. Ecological tragedy is primarily a case of a shortsighted view limited to a human lifetime or that of a nation...basically nostalgia connected to one's own mortally.

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