Saturday, November 08, 2008

Connecticut Wants to Buy The Preserve

The state of Connecticut is ready to pounce on The So-Called Preserve if Lehman Brothers is liquidating.

Mr. Schain at the Department of Environmental Protection also indicated the state’s own deepening financial crisis would not likely affect its ability to buy the land if a price was reached.

“We would move quickly on this,” he said.

That's from this Times story in tomorrow's Connecticut section. Connecticut's A.G. doesn't think Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy is going to lead to any bargains though:

“The initial first blush reaction is that there could be a fire sale of Lehman assets,” he said. “But the reality is that the bankruptcy court would not allow Lehman assets to be sold at bargain basement prices. There are a lot of creditors out there.”

(One good sign that you're too busy is when you write a pretty decent blog post and forget to click the "publish" button. I did that on Wednesday with a post about The Preserve. I didn't even realize I hadn't published it until now, when I went looking for it to link to from this post. It was still in the queue. The way this blogging program works, if you publish something a day or two after you wrote it, it appears in its original time slot. So even though I hit "publish" just now, it looks as if it had been published on Wednesday.)

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Blogger John said...

It would be great if that area could be preserved.

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