Thursday, November 06, 2008

What's Been Going On Near the Water? Snowy Forecast

I've never seen a snowy owl and some years back, when I was far more interested in tracking down new birds than I am now, I occasionally dreamed about them -- ghostly images never quite in focus on bleak landscapes.

There are two, maybe three snowies on the shore of the Sound now. (There are terrific photos of Sound-area snowies here.)

In Norwalk, from the daily email sent by the Connecticut Ornithological Association:

From Frank Mantlik:
11/05 - Norwalk, Calf Pasture Park -- 6:35-6:50am (at least) SNOWY OWL on ground in parking lot, located with the help of a few crows. I walked in, as gate was not opened till 6:50.

From Mardi Dickinson, Larry Flynn, et al:
11/05 - Norwalk, Calf's Pasture Beach Park -- 9:52 SNOWY OWL continued to the right of pier roosting on jetty rocks. The owl stayed in that area for most of the day. The Owl did however fly several times back in front of the stone wall, the grassy area next to the pier, and the fence along the path with incredible looks and photographs were taken. Sara Zagorski and I stayed till 5:15PM watching the owl sitting on the post fence looking around gearing up for it's evening hunt for food. Not a care in the world!

In Stratford:

From Bev Propen:
11/05 - Stratford, Stratford Point -- 1 SNOWY OWL. I could only stay from 10:30AM-11AM, but I got magnificent views of this majestic bird; Beautiful gold/yellow eyes, and some dark streaking on its crown. Blood still on its claws from a recent hunt.

The report also gives this warning about the Stratford site:

For people interested in seeing the Lordship Point bird: the Connecticut Audubon Society is currently carrying out wildlife studies on Lordship Point and there is limited public access to the site. You can enter while the front gate is open, but please stay on the mowed trails and off the sea wall. There is some environmental mitigation going on on-site and heavy equipment needs easy access. Please park outside of the gate to avoid interference with the site work (there is a small parking area to the north of the main gate on Prospect Drive) and stay clear of the work zones. If the gate is closed you can still access the beach along the high tide line. Park on the parking area north of the gate and walk to the northern edge of the chain link fence. A narrow trail follows the fence across the peninsula and will put you on the beach. Alternatively, you can walk in along the shore from Short Beach Park.


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Sounds exciting! I hope some come down to New Jersey.

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