Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lost and Found Ring

Remember the story a few years back about the guy who was digging for clams in the Sound off Branford and found his wedding ring, which he had lost while clamming in the same spot two years earlier?

I read today about a woman named Margaret Barisone, who lost her Greenwich Academy school ring in Cold Spring Harbor in the mid 1950s and had it returned last week by a man who found it while using a metal detector across the Sound at Greenwich Point. Here's an excerpt from

Her grandfather, through a business associate, had the use for a day of a yacht that had once belonged to J.P. Morgan, and she’d been invited to come along as it sailed on Long Island Sound....

But while she was swimming in Cold Spring Harbor, her class ring from Greenwich Academy slipped off her finger and fell to the ocean floor, where she believed it would stay.

It's a great story. You can read it here.


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