Thursday, October 02, 2008

Connecticut Approves Madison Landing Project Near Hammonasset

Catching up on news that happened when I wasn't paying attention, the Madison Landing housing development, proposed for a defunct airport next to Hammonasset State Park, got its final approval from the state last week for the use of a sewage treatment system that some people say is great while others revile.

The developers want to build 127 houses on 42 acres. Lots of people, including friends of mine in the environmental community, think it's a horror show. Others, including friends and acquaintances who worked on the project, think it's a good project because it represents a break from the kind of sprawling, single-family development that has scarred Connecticut's landscape.

My opinion is that if the property is so crucial for environmental protection, the neighbors and the environmentalists who oppose it should start a campaign to persuade the town and the state to buy it. Here's the Courant's story, from last week.



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