Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Island Sound Might Be Turning Into Chesapeake Bay Right Now, If Crab-Catching Fishermen Are To Be Believed

Not long after Rhode Island scientists reported that warmer waters are changing the species composition in southern New England's estuaries and coastal areas, presaging that we might be turning into Chesapeake Bay, the Boston Globe came down to Long Island Sound and heard that fishermen are talking about seeing and catching more blue crabs than ever, here.

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Blogger John said...

I like the Chesapeake a lot, but if Long Island Sound is turning into the Chesapeake, I wonder what the Chesapeake is going to turn into. The Florida Keys?

8:49 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

John - scientists are already seeing how global warming has impacted certain bird and swamp plant species in the Chesapeake.

As to Long Island Sound, I don't recall seeing a lot but they are common all the way from Nova Scotia to Argentina including the Gulf of Mexico and Carribe. On Block Island we used to catch blue crabs in triangle wire traps and a chicken neck for bait. A lot of blue crabs (even a few baby lobsters we threw back).

Who knows, maybe the blue crab's larger numbers will keep a lid on the greens and the Chinese Mitten Crab? -sam

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Tom Andersen said...

I think I read somewhere that coral reefs are starting to form in the Chesapeake even now!

4:44 PM  

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