Monday, December 17, 2007

Environmentalism Online and Via Email

Three things came in via email within the last few days, offering further proof that everybody in the United States now has a presence online. These things also happened to be interesting enough to pass along however.

Chris Zurcher, who for years was communications director for Connecticut Fund for the Environment, has gone out on his own and is sending around a daily compilation of environmental headlines from national and Connecticut newspapers. Mine arrived at 7:30 this morning, so he must be getting up pretty early. He covers more areas of interest than I do, although it’s an email newsletter-compilation rather than a blog and so he doesn’t include the wry, perceptive and wise commentary that my posts do. Here’s his address: I’m sure he’d be happy to sign you up.

Also happy to sign you up, particularly if you have kids, is Meg Robustelli. I don’t know her but she sent me an email yesterday asking if I do Long Island Sound presentations for children, because she has started a new online newsletter, with an environmental/nature bent, about things for kids to do in Fairfield County. As it happens, I did a Long Island Sound talk at my son’s fourth-grade class a couple of weeks ago, and another at my daughter’s fourth-grade class five years ago. Both went well but my lack of patience with kids is legendary in my family and so I’m unlikely to go out on the nature education circuit (unless someone offers me money). Nevertheless, here’s Ms. Robustelli’s online newsletter. You can sign up for her emails too.

Do you ever get emails inviting you out for Green Drinks? I used to think it was just a weird, unappetizingly-colored cocktail but apparently I’m wrong and the “Green” in Green Drinks refers to environmentalists. A Green Drinks invitation came last week from someone else I don’t know, Heather Burns-DeMelo. I was about to ignore it when I noticed that it had a link to a new mag that Ms. Burns-DeMelo is editing called AllGreen (it might be on paper too but I’m not sure). It seems to be geared mainly to consumer topics, which are mildly interesting to me. Check it out here.


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