Monday, December 10, 2007

Fighting About Pollution in Connecticut

In the town of Clinton, which is on Long Island Sound and the Hammonasset River, and near Hammonasset State Park, 2,000 houses and businesses have substandard sewage disposal systems (2,000 out of how many, I wonder). The Town Board is quarreling over the issue with the town's water pollution control commission.

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Blogger Sam said...

Hey that's my old home town! Good old Clinton, stuck in between the "richies" in Madison and Westbrook and Old Saybrook.

I can tell you that our 1880's house we lived in, originally an annex to a hotel, didn't even have what you'd call a proper septic system. I think the plumber called it more like a "beehive cistern" and used some very apt cuss words. Really old fashioned square, clay tiles were used as the line between the house and the cistern.

The clay tiles eventually collapsed and yeast would no longer work, so dad did hire somebody to install PVC pipe from the house to ... the thing with very bad names.

I seem to recall that somebody, maybe from the town or state, came out one day and did a "perc test" to measure how good the water would settle. Well, it didn't. The fellow was amazed that our century-old system even worked. "Yeast," said dad.

Best raspberry patch you ever saw though, we got buckets a day when they were setting fruit, and never a hint of indigestion. I'm sure those old beehive systems are illegal as heck now. -sam

12:51 PM  
Blogger Tom Andersen said...

We rented a house in New Canaan as recently as 2000 and it still used a cesspool (and still does today). They're bad but they're still around.

2:38 PM  

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