Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Barred Owl Eggs Have Hatched

News of the barred owls that are nesting near our house, which I wrote about here earlier this month: Three owlets have hatched and are out of the nest. They haven't fledged yet but they've emerged from their nest hole and are perching in the crotch of the red oak just above the hole.

The squealing noise we've been hearing for weeks -- starting low and rising -- seems to have slackened off, but the young birds make a high-pitched squeal, like a squeeze toy.

If you look closely you can see two of them in this photo.

young barred owls



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I was studying this photo and there are three owls.
Can you see the third peeking out of the hole in the tree?

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Jenny said...

I have Barred Owls that nest in my yard every Spring too! I have more photos of them here:

6:36 PM  

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